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A Brief Introduction tothe Library

2017/6/26 15:15:17 次浏览 分类:Introduction

    Library of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is the largest integrative provincial public library inthe region, Guangxi branch of National Cultural Information Resources Sharing Project, Guangxi Ancient Books Protection Centre, and the national and autonomic regional ancient books key protection unit. The mission of Guangxi Library is to collect, arrange, preserve, develop and apply document information resource, provide equal services, inspire wisdom, delight spirit, spread knowledge, inherit civilization, and to promote the cultural prosperity and social progress.

The building area of Guangxi Library is 33,000 square meters, which is divided into two parts: the main library onMinzu Avenueand the branch library at the People’s Park. The library has 17 reading and lending rooms for books, newspapers and periodicals, audio-visual materials, electronic resources, children’s books and self-study, 1,550 seats for reading, and 200 various electronic equipments. By the end of 2016, the library has more than 3.7 million collection of books, 137TB digital resources and evolved a document system including both paper documents and electronic documents.

Guangxi Library opens for free, provides literature lending and reading, literature searching, reference consultation, information transferring, reading promotion, educating and training services. The library sets up 51 automobile library service points for Party and government organizations, communities, schools, troops, enterprises, etc. It also offers digital reading services on websites, WeChat, microblog and mobile library. The library provides library cards and electronic library cards for resident population in Guangxi, and has 257,599 certified readers at present. Guangxi Library receives 3 million person-time readers, lends out millions of books and periodicals, gains millions of clicks for digital reading online, and transfers millions of documents by being downloaded online per year. Besides, the library holds more than 300 reading promotions like lectures, exhibitions, speeches, document demonstrations, reading experiences, questions and answers, etc.

Guangxi Library was built in 1931. It is the guide of the public library institution and takes the responsibility of leading the development of public libraries in the region. Our library adheres to the “people-oriented” concept, the core of promoting library benefits, the theme of library development and the main line of library service, implement the strategies of building up the library through services, developing the library via regulations and strengthening the library by professionals, so as to facilitate the business development, promote service efficiency, improve guarantee conditions, and play an essential role in realizing and ensuring citizens’ basic cultural rights and interests and satisfying people’s basic cultural needs.




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